Friday, March 14, 2014

Have stop blogging for a while due to not much to share anyway but here is..

something came into my mind today. That is i decided to change, change my mind set of course, in order to make money_to me personally first you must have a rich mind set! and wisdom. I gained quite a lot of knowledge from my blog i follow. This one Stock Market - Experience Sharing blog, i really like. S.K.Tang blog, genuine and generous in his financial wisdom sharing_ on his finance blog he wrote a lot of his experience over the years_so clear and make it so simple for us to understand. I don't know him in person but i truly appreciate his blog which allowed me to learn and open my mind set about investment world. I hope i can be like him having lots of golden eggs in years to come and not forget have the capability to be calm and patient in whatever siy=tuation. Well, from now i am going to invest mainly for long term prospective, so give three years to my investment journey and see how it leads me.God, bless my journey in Jesus Mighty Name, amen.