Sunday, July 20, 2008

Some of you will said yuck!...but just to let you..

know this are my favourite chicken feet! is nice when is cook and clean nicely before cook, with a little sesame oil , ginger, garlic, small onions and black sauce....cook till soft, taste marvelous! but i bet if my brother in law a American, if he saw me eating this he will got a shock! huhuha! I did that many years ago when I'm in LA, when he got home he got a shock!! when my sister and me eating our chicken feet peanut soup.. so enjoy...ourselves .

Here ..see what i bought back from my kampung ( village)...

all the best durian's , 20 over years tree ! planted by my dearest that we are her children that get to enjoy from her hard work. ..''thanks to my mom'' miss my mother , today we went back to our kampung ..we have rambutan's and durian there..really enjoy our day! we have a durian's fees now at my sedap ( nice and good) uuhmmm!