Saturday, September 5, 2009


So nice ...ya? What does the picture remind's you?

The first picture deeply remind's me the beautiful memory of my childhood day's dad and my mother bought a lot of this '' ten lung'' for us , is cheap and sister and me, we were so afraid that the lantern burn off cos is made of thin color paper, the mooncake then is cheap and nice also, now is more of money making and dont taste as good!...i dont felt any speciality about the mooncke anymore..too many varieties!... but more of scamming my money cos is so costly..RM 10++ for 1 piece of it!...
I still love our original Lotus Paste & wu Tiu sah~those day's the business men is trying to make even icecream mooncake!. sambal, green tea..lousy!..dnt hv the taste of tradition...all they want is money, money, money.