Friday, July 11, 2008

Charlie..My Nephew

So! ... great post in the pictures! Charlie...big man huh?

Cant tahan his picture on my blog! so cool nephew really grow up so much compare when the last i seen him back here. Just received these pictures last week ..from my sister..
if i have a son like her's ..i will be so happy lol...


people gives selfish comments! you know what ? we are living in an apartment unit so naturally everyone have to pay their maintenance fees right? recently our roof seems leaking and is not only mine all of the highest floor units! thanks to the honest developer who gave us such a good roof now we get a quotation for the new roof and guess what..? the lower floor people said is not fair to use their maintenance fees for the roof..! since they are staying in lower floor, so I asked them if any damage occur in the lower floor can the higher floor owner said don't use our maintenance fees ? see what kind of attitude is this? maintenance fees collected are accumulated as a pool of money for the usage of the entire building, grass cutting and ext, in case there is any needs for repair. As a treasurer myself for the committee members here , I have seen the ugliest part of a human being..SELFISHNESS!