Friday, October 31, 2008

Deepavali visit ...very happy gathering

Mine ! hubby and me went to an Indian friend of mine last night, their warm and friendly attitude truly touches my heart, we are invited to eat together with their family for dinner.when in their house and they are so friendly including their relative..which most of them I don't know them at all. The wife and her sister keep served me ''chapati hot from the charcoal stove behind their kitchen..right to my plate! huh!..we all have a good chat. Last they even pack a lot of home made cookies and food for me to bring back! This morning when i wake up ..hubby took all the cookies with him..maybe he worry i eat too much..gain weight! ya, but i still saw this ..maybe he knew i like this...that is why, round ans slightly sweet with fragrance..very nice and soft cookies.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


see issit nice? huhuhu..

Sunday, October 26, 2008

I wanted so much to paint my nails with this....

nail colour just bought it recently, is nice color isn't it? I keep them inside my fridge so that the color is more smooth when I apply on my nails each time. But i just cant find the time to paint! errrr!! Have to cook some soup today since been quite sometime we did not have soup at home and also our usual mother sesame kampung chicken fry ginger and bitter gourd.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

My Silk Quilt...

is very soft and so nice, this piece of silk quilt is the first silk quilt i owned for now...if financial allow i might get another piece..because is not cheap! My dream bed...comfortable piece.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Trip to Penang today.....after 15 years my last visit...

Going into Penang- Penang Bridge

in the buttrefly farm/ gallery and a lot more ! Discovery here beside's butterfly../ insects/ fish/..a lot more- worth the money for the entrance ticket

Well, after a long time I've not been to Penang, indeed a big tremendous change in this place! Seems a lot of condominiums all over the place now and is more fun! I like this place very much, clean in the city ..and a lot of trees. Hubby and me ..we went to few places one of it is really worth visiting is the butterfly farm..very nice indeed! Ferringi have nice beaches..and I'm so lucky to have check into a very wonderful Ferringi, Hydro Majestic Hotel! is only RM 180 nett inclusive of breakfast..the breakfast really fantastic and a lot of is really clean! and nice view facing the sea, the people in this hotel is so helpful and friendly.will come back here again definitely, where else in Georgetown is again a total different experience in Bayview City hotel, an Indian lady the reception is very rude and not friendly and the room also not that comfortable.But over all though is a little tired but we do enjoy this trip very much ...the only thing not happy is that hubby Singapore boss asked him to get back to work as fast as possible..cause hubby is a leader in the team ...God Bless hubby in his work.I will go to Penang again!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

If You Are Lonely....? Can consider to have a puppy.

how good..........i wish i sleep like her in the night, so shiok...! my thigh meaty or slumber issit? so this is 5 star bed..oh no..thigh!
when i blog on my bed..she also want to see.......k/poh..ya?
any puppy out there sleep like this...? snap picture for her also dont know..

I truly enjoy myself with my little puppy''Zoe''. She is so adorable as well as naughty too! she is more like a close friend to me now then just a little puppy...we share everything food and when i make up ..she will sit right there to watch me until i finish...she will wipe her toes on a cloth... on the floor..whenever her toes is wet. She will wait for me to sleep at night..she loves travelling! you see she slept on my thigh sweet dream.....:^). Remember, taking care of puppy need lots of effort, love and patients...and remember is a long term commitment! don't chuck! them away when one day you get tired of them...they have feelings too, just like human ok.

I Truly Like This...Taste Just Fantastic

sambal belacan Johor

You see...certain things may not look good but it certainly taste fabulous! just like this one ikan masak pedas( hot fry chili fish- ingredients;3 Big onions,chili , garlic a little and a bit of turmeric- blend well) simple ...? I have tried all the good food from Chinese to western...this one chili fish can never get tired of it, cos is just great! then eating sharks fin soup!!! sometimes....

Thanks God! Going To Have A New Roof For Chinese New Year

Lifting up the roof material up to my roof top!

Today the roof material for my apartment finally arrived early this morning, we going to add an air ventilation fan on the roof as well as heat proof layer on the new roof!....fianally!..when the roof stop leaking..better feng shui for Chinese new year right? that is feng shui believer's anyway...; but so far even it has been dripping water into my house ..still we are in good feng shui!..because God Bless!Amen. Hope after this can do some renovation in my well my master room happy today!Is worth paying for the maintenance fees come to think about it see now i dont have to pay a penny for the new roof.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Today I Cook '' FU CHUK KAI CHOON TONG SUI''..Yummy...tast so smooth..

and good! love it. I used organic rock cane sugar to cook this sweet Chinese desert which my mom used to cook for all her children during those days...


1) Fu Chuk ( soya bean milk)-2-3 small packt

2) Pak kor ( in hakka or cantonese/ dialect)-40

3) eggs-3

4) Rock Sugar- 1 packet

5) barli ( yee mee)

Cook the barli in a pot , add full water..boil for 35 min

take out the barli from the water ..we just want the barli water..( dont want the barli)

add fu chuk in , rock sugar and pak kor cook for 12 min in the barli water

Finally - just beat the eggs in a bowl to fine, then pour slowly while stir a little with a spoon- off the fire fast...IS READY!..

Good for lungs/skin and taste good!

Heck..! What the hell is going on...Malaysia

When the price of petrol in Malaysia was hiked by 41% by 78 sen from RM1.92 to RM2.70 a litre, the price of world crude oil was around US$140 per barrel.
World oil prices have plummeted to a one-year low below US$78 a barrel, but the price of petrol is RM2.45 or reduced by a mere 25 sen in two reductions.
This is clearly unacceptable and the situation is not made any more palatable with the statement yesterday by the Minister for Domestic Trade and Consumers Affairs Datuk Seri Shahrir Samad of the possibility that the price of petrol reverting to the old price of RM1.92 a litre if world crude oil price continues to dip below US$72 per barrel.
What Malaysians want is immediate action!!! guy!!!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Asian investors voice anger

Asian investors counted the cost as the region's stock markets were poised for their worst week in at least two decades, wiping out billions of dollars of savings and retirement funds. -- PHOTO: REUTERS
'It's not fair that we have to take the pain of what rich people have done to get richer,' said Mr Takashi Yamada, 75, who lives on a pension of 160,000 yen ($2,387) a month in Tokyo.
'We will be the biggest loser of this financial turmoil because the economy will shrink and we don't have money like bankers.'

Ms Tiong, a 25-year-old management consultant, said she is trying to 'summon up the guts' to cancel a US$ 13,500 purchase of a painting by Argentine artist Guillermo Kuitca.
'I was buying art, which is, like, the worst thing - why did I do that?' said Ms Tiong, at a Starbucks cafe in the financial district. 'I feel incredibly anxious and nervous. Now is the time to hold cash.
'Don't tell my wife what I got for that, it was devastating,' said Mr Tallon. He summarised his other assets, including UK property - 'Pension fund is absolutely atrocious; share options the same; house prices not good.'

Friday, October 10, 2008

The Dow Jones Drop To Almost 700 points today

Shed blood in Bursa Malaysia, down down but still a number of risk taker here keep investing if the market happen to recover , these risk takers will be rich!

Bailout passed, but crisis worsens


The Star 4 Oct 2008After high drama, the US Congress finally passed a bailout package aimed at preventing an economic disaster. But the financial and economic crisis actually worsened last week.
LAST Thursday the US$700bil (RM2.4tril) bailout plan was finally approved by the US House of Representatives and signed into law by President George Bush.
This was after much drama. The Bill was originally rejected by the House because of intense pressure from the public who are outraged that the banking fat cats are being bailed out by taxpayers while house buyers are not, and many are losing their homes through mortgage defaults.
After a minor touch up, both the Senate and the House passed the Bill, because they were told that the US economy would be vaporised if the bailout did not take place. Under the scheme, the government can buy up to US$700bil of “toxic securities” from the banks, so that their balance sheets can improve and they can lend again.
Despite the adoption of the US bailout plan, the crisis of the Western economies worsened last week.
Firstly, more data showed the “real economy” is sinking. The loss of jobs hit a five-year high in the US, while more major European economies have slipped into recession, which will deepen in future. A survey of manufacturers showed falling orders throughout the developed world.

Secondly, the prices of oil and many commodities have fallen sharply, due to speculative forces and the fall in demand, heralding the end of the commodities boom. Developing countries like Malaysia will be affected through reduced export earnings.


, while most media attention was on the US bailout, it is in Europe that the crisis has really deepened.
Last week, European countries have had to rescue six banks, some of them household names, such as Bradford & Bingley (of the UK), Fortis (the Dutch-Belgian bank which owns parts of ABN-AMRO), and Dexia, a French-Belgian bank.
Several other banks are in a precarious situation. But unlike the US, there is no bailout package in Europe. French President Nicolas Sarkozy proposed a European common fund to bail out financial institutions, but this was opposed by Germany and the European Central Bank among others.
A finance-crisis summit of four major European countries ended last Saturday with only pledges to cooperate, but no concrete plan.
On the ground, depositors have become jittery. They are “fleeing to safety” in the UK as they move their savings from their banks to other banks that are fully guaranteed by the government.
And when the Irish government announced it was guaranteeing deposits in its six domestic banks, it caused a storm in other countries, as people began shifting their funds to Irish banks at the expense of other banks.

Fourthly, the credit crunch has really worsened in that banks and companies are now largely unable to get loans from the money market, in which banks lend to one another.
This, in turn, means that the banks are reducing loans to consumers and businesses (thus worsening the recession) while companies could face financial problems as well as cut their investments.
The credit crunch is taking place in various financial markets. The money market has been largely frozen as the banks fear that other banks may be having problems. As a result, the cost of borrowing has shot up to record levels.
Although the central banks have pumped hundreds of billions of euros of loans to banks to make up for the scarcity in the money market, many banks are still short of funds.
The inability to borrow funds has contributed to the insolvency of the banks that had to be rescued. We can expect more banks going under in Europe.
Then there are the money market funds that provide short-term loans known as commercial paper (CP) to companies. There is now a virtual freeze in this market, with even top companies like General Electric and AT&T unable to tap it.
In three weeks, US$200bil (RM696bil) was taken out of the CP market, and last week alone the amount lent to companies fell US$95bil (RM330bil).
A market strategist was quoted by Financial Times as saying that there is no area in the credit markets or banking system where companies are raising money, an unbelievable situation. This is problematic as the CP market is where companies go to raise working capital to produce goods and services.

Fifthly, more problems are on the near horizon. For example, the US$54,000bil (RM188tril) credit derivatives market is facing a big test this month as contracts of defaulted derivatives on failed companies like Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and Lehman Brothers are due for settlement.
This could result in billions of dollars of losses for insurance companies and banks that offered credit insurance, according to the Financial Times.
For example, Lehman’s bonds have been trading at 15 to 19 cents (RM0.52 to RM0.66) on the dollar. Thus investors who gave out protection (insuring that Lehman would not default) will have to pay out 81 to 85 cents (RM2.82 to RM2.95) on the dollar.
The credit derivatives market is not only huge in value but also complex in inter-relationships between institutions and counter-parties. A problem there can have wide repercussions.

Finally, the crisis has so far been focused on the developed countries, but some developing countries like Brazil are already reporting that they are being affected financially.
Moreover, the weakening of the US and European economies will affect the exports of the developing world, as the fall in commodity prices already show.
The US bailout package may help restore some confidence in the markets for a short while, but as the crisis continues to unfold, there will be more shocks and many problems ahead.

Monday, October 6, 2008

The New Green Back...

which is the title, is supposed to be a jokes...i think, but really make me laugh when i see this picture!...!!! on the web site...issit because the economy is so bad that the do;;ar became like that..'' he got a shockk!!''

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Visiting My Sister On Hari Raya....

is a custom to us already, as every year I will enjoy a nice and tasty meal at my sister place during Raya everytime. We will have ketupat , lemang, rendang beef, sweet sour chicken..serondeng..sweet desert and cookies ext.Today really happy talking to them..we jokes and laugh through out the time there at my sister house:-) ai yah! laugh laugh laugh forgot to take pictures ehhhh!