Sunday, January 9, 2011

All in our hands

Chinse New Year..Sing Nien, i learned and still learning to improve my life each and every day and most thankful to God that I'm still healthy and living through HIS blessing in grace. We always says hope for a better year..i hope i will be a better me instead for this time i reminisce about the events that occurred throughout is not wrong to hope for a better year ahead, it would also be great if one decides to be in control of whether they have a good year or not.
When i think of the past, I always seems to forget all the bad things that have happened. I guess i just programed to not keep sad experiences f
or long in my mind but as a lesson instead...after all is all i believe the universe is not going to give us a good life, if i don't start to be better me( you), to be more grateful and be more positive. Most of the things in life are how we perceive them. Simple things- like whether we like a song, whether we like the food - are all up to of the factors that lead to confidence is perception.
The summary of perception is that if someone offers you an insult, remember that it's only that one person's opinion. In truth, we have to make our own meaning of things. We decide if we are confident, we decide the way our life turns out. We don't need the world to tell us who we are, we decide who we are. We choose to be the positive one when times are gloomy, we choose to be happy.
However, saying that and doing that are two different things, and that is why my prayer for the new year is that I will have the ability to do that.To stay independent of things around me, and Jesus and me be the marker of my own life. I guess what I'm trying to say is that it's all in the mind. We control our mood, we shouldn't just react to life. So...not only to hope for a better year but most important a better me (you).