Friday, May 2, 2008

Embrace life to the fullest !

Life is indeed precious in all aspects...from the moment we are born to this world till we return.Live each moment as it comes and live each day as if it were your last, life itself is UNpredictable, for we will never know when this borrowed life will be taken away by the giver of life...GOD who is life Himself.

Every morning to me is a gift from GOD, especially when i know that I'm still breathing normal..can walk to the window to take a big fresh air....inhale and exhale! is all in our own mind to appreciate all things around. My little puppy Zoe will greet me sweet..i really thanks God for all the nice things around, if at times when i felt unhappy...calm my inner soul for a while.......i will asked for HIS strength in prayer or probably i will make myself a good breakfast that makes me happy eating to begin the journey of my day. See is all in our mind...Life is a gift from God, we all need to enjoy it as whole, we have to learn to accept the pain while enjoying the happiness. We can't really understand what is joy like without feeling what is pain, it is why hard times are the only way that make us appreciate our life..every moment, every minutes..

Cameron Highland ...during chinese New Year...I give
thanks to God, for the beautiful scenery that i truly peaceful and soothing fresh AIR..captured this moment in a video clip..that is all i can do...for every moment is so precious to me.

****************happiness is within us*********