Sunday, April 19, 2009

True story..LOOK!! and READ yourself

the Robber! cut and slashed the taxi man arm!!!!
his hand...many slashed!!! too ...until the vein break!

his heart got deep stabbed by the cruel robber!!!

oh i was so sad for him , i miss one more shot! ( picture) the taxi man wrist also got slashed until the vein break!

Today i happen to sit beside this taxi driver in the church service, he is not yet a christian yet but he was preached gospel by some of the church member somehow they get to know him after he got so many stab and CUT! by a young and decent looking Chinese robber whom pretended to stop his taxi standing on the road side, the moment this young robber open the taxi door he immediately stab this poor taxi driver heart, causing him bleeding and luckily the stab just a few mm! away from penetrating to the taxi driver heart organ, happen that he kept some coins on his pocket..Thanks God the coins somehow save his life too. But the robber did not give up, after stabbing the taxi man , the robber asked him for RM 200 bucks , the taxi man did not have the amount of money and tried to escape by pulling the brake functions but unfortunately the taxi man was stabbed and cut seriously all over his arms!!!...jessss!!! really inhuman!!!! too cruel ! beware everyone when someone try to stop yr CaR!!! ...Nowadays the robber majority are INHUMAN!!! WORSE THEN WILD ANIMAL!!!!!!!! they will hurt you badly no matter what even before they get the money from YOU!..they hunt their target. Just see yourself ..the pictures of the poor victim, now he cant drive his taxi as he told me and worse he told me this is not the first time he got robbed ..the first time he got rob a year ago ,the robber stab hard on his stomach from the back sit and strangle him , this taxi man intestine also came out, according to him the 1st robber is a Malay and the recent 2ND one is a Chinese young chap!! decent look some more!!!! PHUEH!!! Devil!...hubby and me advised him to changed job when he recover some day, anyway his wife is a stayed home housewife..i think now they are going to face some financial difficulty. ..mnnnn .He told me he doesnt know what job he can do ...can anyone help him???.. pls leav yr contact to me K. Thank you.