Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Dedicated to all lovely wife's and wonderful husband out there ...if you do cook , cook with love....the taste will be goOD!

As one of my hobby is cooking, I realised that when you cook with love...served out the unconditional love, you don't expect anything in return...just happy to see yr love one eating the food you so satisfying! That way you wont be disappointed if yr hard work is not valued...remember. ..the golden rules..

1 ( Mix rich antioxidant veg soup)
Still boiling!

Here are few dishes i cook today...HOT spicy! Raining day...spicy is good...I love hot chili!

Sambal Fish!
Ladies Finger fry with garlic!
I took this picture while frying
the golden brown! so scared the oil might just fly to my precious face! you know.
. .!!??

My niece... little voice of a child..

yummy! Hi........

She is so lovely............but her voice is so soft, i have to bend down to hear what she is talking.... Yue Mei have a weak heart....but she is healthy overall...but I somehow sympathy her growing up environment. I have a great time with her today, having our lunch...she enjoy all the food i order today. Her little voice touch my heart....