Monday, May 12, 2008

A trip to Bali Island of Indonesia

feeling great to look at the sun rising up...... life ! 5.30 am morning- were on the speed boat, on the way out to look for dolphin !

Hubby and me decided to travel to Bali to celebrate our 1 st Anniversary last year on June 11..A day we make a marriage vow together with God blessings after we know each other for 4 years*. Far seems the journey but short is the day, hubby and me enjoy our trip a lot!.We been to Bali before that was on our honeymoon but we join a tour package for 4 days 3 nights, we did not really have enough time to really see and feel the essence and exotic island of Bali, so for the second trip we went there on our own!!!..we stayed for 9 days! in the island! real exotic ! this time we really taste the essence of the Bali Island. Sharing 2 life in one .. to both of us means a lot though time seems short for a year but we been through a lot...a lot..only God knows... in a marriage is the beginning of a complete new journey, journey that requires both effort to accomplish, to embrace understanding, to sacrifice, to forgive and most of all to Love! Hubby is the one that suggest a holiday trip for our marriage anniversary , I sincerely appreciate his love and thoughtfulness.Thanks God for everything...This year he suggested too.....still planning where..? but I told him i prefer to travel on end of this year , but we will travel to some beautiful places in Malaysia for celebrating our anniversary's on next month, at least this time our little Zoe girl can come along!I don't have to miss her anymore like i did last year !!!!...

hubby and me picture taken in LOVINA BALI

Things to beware in Bali!

- make sure to read the insurance policy carefully when you rent a jeep or any vehicle in Bali,we payed the insurance separately excluded the cost for rental...the policy written ..cover insurance for the vehicle engine only!!! tiny letters, Bali is a wonderful place with a lot of hikes and bums when driving around ...nice scenery indeed...but be careful when you drive, or else you your pocket going to have a big hole...!

Things that i enjoy!

-The unique architecture of the building structure , the beautiful scenery in the island, the massage and the local food! i miss the fried kampung chicken& sambal terasi! yum my....!!!hubby and me used hand to eat just like one of them, the Balinese! hehehe! in Balinese restaurant only ...not every where lah.
Places we went:
Kuta, Denpasar,Jembaran, nusa dua, Bedugul, Seminyak, Tanah Lot, Lovina and a place famous for their art- forgot the name already uhm..the hotel's there sooo beautiful! up north! can get reasonable prize at up north too . For good shopping kuta is the right place in Bali.